Reta - Indoor LED billboard
Indoor LED Screen  



Slim design,depth:58mm

Clean interior,Fast connection

Built-in handle,convenience

High precision position,Fast and easy installation

Front maintenance


Die-casting aluminum panel

Seamless installation

Indoor LED billboard

  Reta size drawing Reta back dimension drawing
  Reta front dimension drawing Reta size drawing
  Reta side dimension view Reta side dimension view
  Reta top dimension diagram Reta top dimension diagram
Indoor LED billboard   indoor LED display   indoor LED screen

Content management on indoor LED billboards can be achieved through a dedicated digital advertising playback system, allowing remote updating and scheduling of advertising content. Typically controlled using USB, network connection or cloud. What is the difference between an indoor LED display and an outdoor LED display?


The size and shape of indoor LED billboards can be customized according to needs. Common shapes and sizes include rectangle, square, curved surface, column, etc. What should be considered when customizing led digital screens?


The cost of indoor LED billboards varies depending on factors such as size, resolution, brightness, etc. Custom screens usually cost more, but can be customized to suit your needs. How much is the indoor led display?

Espaciado de píxeles (mm) 1.875 2 2.5
Model (RI1.8-640480/RI1.8-960480)(RI2-640480/RI2-960480)(RI2.5-640480/RI2.5-960480)
Fotodiodos SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121
Densidad (dots/sqm) 284444 250000 160000
Resolución del módulo (dots) 14564 12800 8192
Ancho del módulo (mm) 320 320 320
Altura del módulo (mm) 160 160 160
Ancho del gabinete (mm) (640/960) (640/960) (640/960)
Altura del gabinete (mm) 480 480 480
Profundidad del gabinete 40 40 40
Resolución (dots) (87381/131072) (76800/115200) (49152/73728)
Peso (kg) (6/9) (6/9) 6
Material aluminium aluminium aluminium
Mantener Front Front Front
acuerdo IP43 IP43 IP43
Brillo máximo (cd/sqm) 800 800 800
Color de temperatura (k) 6500 6500 6500
Ángulo 140/140 140/140 140/140
Contraste visto 5000:1 5000:1 5000:1
Poder maximo (w) (90/160) (110/170) (120/180)
Potencia en promedio (w) (50/80) (60/80) (65/85)
Tipo de voltaje AC AC AC
Voltaje (v) 110-220 110-220 110-220
Modo de conducción 1/32 1/40 1/32
Velocidad de fotogramas de pantalla (hz) 60 60 60

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